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With PR know-how, media savvy, journalism expertise and creative chops gained from more than 25 years in business, entrepreneurial and public service environments, MAE was formed to help clients plan strategic communications, secure media coverage, create quality content, and build effective websites. We serve all types of small businesses but specialize in the martial arts, holistic health, and natural products and services industries. Our decades of martial, health and healing arts experience, and appreciation for natural and handcrafted artisan products means we can relate to clients like no other firm can: with deep subject matter knowledge and genuine passion. We are committed to being a collaborative partner to help you to increase your visibility, reach and engage your target audience and grow your business. And our small size and Web-based virtual model keeps our services much more affordable than traditional agencies—we have a flat fee structure (and no retainers).

Our Founding Team

Shannon Roxborough

Principal Creative Director | Read Bio

Gary L. Williams

Principal Strategic Director | Read Bio

A Few Places Where MAE's Founders Have Left Their Mark

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Operating remotely from Detroit, Michigan, and Rochester, New York, our online-only model erases geography. We have the experience and national resources to serve clients anywhere in the U.S.

Public Relations
Publicity through free earned media is much more valuable to a business than paid marketing and advertising.

In a world where business success is shaped by many forces, both online and offline, few things can have as much impact as effective communications to improve public perception, community relations, and customer enagement. To grow and strengthen your visibility, reputation, and branding, we use our experience, contacts and a strategic communications plan to get you local, regional or national print, broadcast or Web media coverage, depending on your individual goals and needs. But we don't stop there. Once featured, we help you distribute and republish press coverage to increase your exposure and to help you to establish long-term credibility as an expert in your field.
Quality content establishes your credibility and converts readers into customers who trust you.

Whether in a website, social media platform, blog, e-book, newsletter, ad, resume, letter or any other medium, it's important to present yourself with a high level of professionalism and competence to attract and retain your target audience's attention while standing out in a sea of sameness. When done well, content is a powerful tool that communicates, clarifies and compels while informing, educating, making connections and establishing trust. As experts with an editorial heart, a strategic business mind, and decades of arts experience, our custom content meets the highest journalistic standards, helping to raise brand awareness, drive business, and increase sales.
Web Design
A well-designed website is beautiful and functional on all devices, from computers to tablets to smartphones.

First impressions can make or break you and a visit to your Web presence is often the first filter consumers use to learn more about you and gauge how you stack up against the competition. So it's vital to to have aesthetically pleasing and highly functional website to engage potential customers. Unfortunately, only half of small businesses have websites and of those who do, 56 percent of them are not responsive for all devices. We design sites that load fast and are easy to use across platforms, including mobile devices, which account for 58 percent of all searches (even higher for fitness, health, food and lifestyle businesses), according to Hitwise research.
Podcasts are affordable but valuable radio-style audio content that engages people almost anywhere.

The number of podcast listeners has tripled in the last five years, podcast subscriptions on iTunes have surpassed 1 billion, and 15 percent of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month, according to Edison Research. In a Edison/Triton marketing poll, 71 percent of listeners indicated that they had visited a podcast sponsor's website and 62 percent said they would consider purchasing a new product or service advertised on a podcast. Whether telling consumers more about your business, providing an insightful interview or establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your field, we have the experience and broadcast-quality recording equipment to bring your audio content to life.

Our Fees

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Press Releases: $150-$500
Press Kits: $500-$2,500
Media Outreach: $250-$2,000
PR Strategy Consulting: $250-$1,500
Campaign Development: $500-$5,000

Public Relations


Articles: $200-$1,500
Blog Posts: $125-$250
Bios (250-500 words): $100-$250
Web Copy (per average page): $150
E-mail & Sales Letters: $250-$1,500
Resumes: $150-$250
E-Books/Special Reports: $500-$2,500

Digital & Print Content


Microsites/Landing Pages: $250-$500
One Scrollable Page: $500-$1,500
Up to 6 pages: $1,500-$2,000
Large Sites (7-15 pages): $2,000-$5,000
Multiple Page Sites: $5,000+
Website Updates: $50-$500
Web Hosting: $15 per month

Web Design


Short (up to 15 minutes): $250
Medium (15 to 30 minutes): $350
Long (30 minutes to an hour): $500

*Cost includes planning, recording and editing, as well as a free quick guide to promoting your podcast. Clients receive discounts for multiple podcasts.


Case Studies

A portfolio containing select examples of our work featuring various projects, clients and media outlets.

Why Work With Us

01. Experience

We have vast experience working with small businesses and entrepreneurs of all types, but specialize in the martial, health and healing arts (and nature-based products and services).

02. Ability

Our decades of hands-on work in projects of all types and scopes has given us the know-how to handle any project, from designing a simple website to mounting a large publicity campaign.

03. Professionalism

From promptly returning e-mails to punctually providing requested feedback to always meeting project deadlines, we exhibit a high level of responsiveness and professionalism in everything we do.

Want to Put Our Experience to Work For Your Business?

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Fun Facts About Us

Years of Experience in the Arts
Kungfu and Asian Films Watched
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